SANTERO Summer School

14 April 2016

Virtual Summer School on Animal Health Surveillance

June 20-24, 2016

The Era-Net project SANTERO (risk-based Surveillance for ANimal healTh in EuROpe) is offering online training on surveillance system design and evaluation. The primary objective is to gain practical experience in the use of novel design and evaluation tools developed in RISKSUR (

  1. Target participants
    Anyone active in the design and/or evaluation of animal health surveillance programmes at industry or government level.

  2. Format

    All sessions will be offered online. There will be joint elements in specific time slots, where interaction will be possible, and there will be recorded elements that participants will watch at their convenience. Also, there will be practical tasks for participants to complete between sessions.

  3. Cost
    Participation is free of charge but feedback on the tools is highly encouraged.
  4. Organisers
    SANTERO project partners (particularly CIRAD, DG, RVC, SAFOSO, SVA). Teachers will include Barbara Häsler, Ann Lindberg, Marisa Peyre, Katharina Stärk.

  5. Registration
    Please register no later than June 1 by email to

SANTERO Summer School Flyer (Flyer as PDF)