Aim & objectives

The primary aim of the SANTERO project is to promote the enhancement of risk-based surveillance methods suitable for implementation across industries and countries in Europe as well as their dissemination and integration into existing surveillance routines in order to sustain progress towards their harmonised effective and efficient application.

More specifically, SANTERO pursues the following objectives:

  • To refine and enhance current methods for risk-based surveillance to increase their suitability and flexibility and thereby ensure their widespread implementation. This will include novel approaches on a range of aspects such as harmonizing the documentation of surveillance activities, and by using behavioral approaches such as nudging to increase surveillance uptake by targeted end users.
  • To apply novel methods and approaches in populations and for hazards where risk-based surveillance is not yet widely adopted such as aquaculture and antimicrobial residues, to gain experience in the practical application within diverse industries and settings and to provide feedback on the utility of the methods and tools.
  • To increase the accessibility of risk-based surveillance methods and to reduce obstacles to implementation by providing excellence and consultation.