Le Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement

CIRAD is a French research centre working with developing countries to tackle international agricultural and development issues. CIRAD has a global network of partners in more than 90 countries. Its activities involve life sciences, social sciences and engineering sciences applied to agriculture, food, natural resource management and society. AGIRs unit develops research on analyses and management of sanitary risks which make communities, societies or agro-ecosystems more fragile. The range of expertise goes from analytic to evaluative epidemiology, social sciences (socio-economic issues) and simulation, modelling.


Role in the project

WP1: contributor in task 1.1

WP3: contributor in tasks 3.1 and 3.3

Personnel Involved

Dr Marisa Peyre

Graduated in biotechnology engineering (Bordeaux, France) │ PhD in Immunology (London, UK) │ Additional training in Epidemiology and Animal Health Economics (London, UK), Evaluative Epidemiology (Paris, France), Vaccinology (IP, Paris) │ Currently epidemiologist at AGIRs, CIRAD in the field of infectious diseases in tropical countries, coordinating the REVASIA research program in SEA, hosted at the National Institute for Veterinary Research (NIVR) (Hanoi,Vietnam) │ Expert member of the OFFLU OIE/FAO influenza network │ Key expertise on evaluation of animal disease management systems (surveillance and control), animal health economics and participatory epidemiology.

Other relevant projects

LinkTADs Linking Epidemiology and Laboratory Research on Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in EU and China

ASForce Targeted research effort on African swine fever

Relevant Publications

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